Monday, August 30, 2021

Reference to Crossword Explorer Game App

If you like to engage in solving crossword puzzles, you may download the Crossword Explorer game app, to have fun and test your skill at solving puzzles with an app that is easy to use, with a simple design. 

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Workman Mensa 10-Minute Crossword Puzzles Paperback

Monday, August 2, 2021

A Video Overview Reference for Submitting Blogger Blogs to Google Search Console

How's your Blogger blog doing? 

Watch "How To Add Blogger To Google Search Console | Submit Your Blogger Blog to Google Search Console" for guidance, to see how things are going, after you submit your blog to Google Search Console. 

Explore Google Search Console ~ 

A Podcast App Reference

Looking to put together your very own podcast?

Check out the Google Play App: "Anchor - Make your own podcast" ~

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Everyone Has a Family Tree - You May Find This App Useful If You are Searching

Looking to explore your family tree?

Check out "FamilySearch Tree" ~

Regarding an Old Adage and a Time Management Tips Video Overview

One of the cool enlightening points about the time management video below, is how the presenter explains the Parkinson's Law.. which makes a lot of sense; because, if you alot the whole day, to let's say - do your laundry; it will probably take the entire day to do your laundry. However, if you set a time frame of 3 hours to do your laundry - it will (more than likely), take 3 hours to do your laundry. 

You could also apply that to setting aside money every week for your budget. Which could really help in making sure that there is more than enough money left over at the end of the month; instead of not enough money at the end of the month. Of course, budgeting a specific amount of money for specific items, sets the boundaries so that money may seem to stretch (in theory).

For more info ~

"Work expands to fill the period of time available for its completion. If you're into productivity, you'll know this proverb as Parkinson's Law" ~

Check out the video below, on time management tips ~

Looking to Learn More About How Money Can Work for You?

Regarding finances ~ Do you have a budget plan that works for you? Or is it something that you have not really applied or put together, because of one reason or another? 

Or, how about passive income? Is it something that seems possible? Or do you see it as a pipe dream? 

If you are looking for some cool 'make money work for you' tips, here is an information video about that topic ~

(Disclaimer: I'm not a financial advisor.)

CryptoPop Game App Overview

Play the CryptoPop game, for being rewarded with eth crypto and having fun with this relaxing and therapeutic game. It might be more satisfying than using bubble-wrap, in a bubble popping way.

Check-out this example and see ~

Explore the CryptoPop Google Play App ~

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Monday, July 26, 2021

Apps ~ Crypto-Related Games

If you are looking to play games on your phone and be rewarded with crypto-related rewards like LTC Litoshi or BCH Satoshi, Bitcoin Aliens has a listing of Google Play game apps that are fun and easy, where you can also use to earn rewards for completing offers, as well. 

Here are some examples of the games ~

So, check out Bitcoin Aliens if you'd like ~ 

Or M&L Prod. Google Play BCH Faucet App ~

This post contains an affiliate links. This blog generates income for the author based on affiliate relationships with her partners, including, Amazon and others. 

Sunday, July 18, 2021

A Video Presentation About Googling Tips

Need a different way to search Google? Here are 15 ways to do a Google search, that may be enlightening.. Explore the video below, and you'll see how the search engine can help to find exactly what you may be searching for; the video presents the 15 ways, which are great tips for Googling with precision ~ 

Monday, April 27, 2020

A Resource for 'Decorating with Style and Refinement' at Your Home in Simple and Affordable Ways

Looking to experience a more esthetically pleasing atmosphere at your home? How about making it look a bit more luxurious and up to date, without spending a lot of cash?

Watch "How to Make Your Home Look More Expensive - More Splash than Cash" via YouTube ~